Bonnie Jill Appears on BBW’s; Plus More Projects

By Staff Writer (@nitefallmedia)

(photo credit: People Magazine)

LOS ANGELES — Actress, FOX Sports reporter, first female NBA scout, and animal activist Bonnie-Jill Laflin appeared on radio host Nick Hamilton’s “The Morning After with Nick Hamilton” over the weekend.  Laflin had some interesting things to say regarding her role on VH1’s “Basketball Wives”, and several other projects.

As controversial as Basketball Wives is, Bonnie-Jill maintained her composer on the show, which is simply isn’t easy.

“A lot of people wanted know why I even joined the show, but Shaunie O’Neal (show’s executive producer) came to me who’s a good friend of mine, and she said wanted to go in different direction,” Laflin explained to the host Nick Hamilton and co-host James Allen. “We wanted to bring in a woman who’s not a girlfriend or a wife, but more so around the NBA.”

If you all recall about a month ago there was scene where the ladies were coming together at an event and there was serious tension between one of the stars Jackie Christie (wive former NBA star Doug Christie) and Laflin. Christie has always been known to rub the all of the cast members at different times the wrong way a time or two. However in this moment, she accused Laflin of lying on her, and was ready to fight for her reputation. As Laflin appeared to figure out why Christie was so mad, both ladies had to be held back from one another before a full MMA type fight ensued. As the two were brought closer to each other, Bonnie-Jill Laflin decided to take the high rode and depart for her limo before things really got out of control.

“Yes I always try to take the high road because I’m at an age where I’m not trying to get physical fights, and some of the women on their don’t act their own age,”  the fabulous 40-year old Laflin said regarding Christie. “I’m different than all the other ladies because I don’t want to get married, I don’t want to have kids and I pay my own bills.”

Laflin also explained who she is good friends with on the show beside O’Neal like Evelyn Lozada, who left the show at one point to rebuild her image and has since returned in a major way. Yes the show is full of drama, and everyone gets an opportunity to travel into the lives of the ladies on the show, as fans have an opportunity to connect with their favorite cast members weekly by watching.

To Jackie Christie’s credit as lively and capricious as she appears to be, she is certainly entertaining to watch on prime time television. Christie is the common denominator in the drama.

All of sudden she [Jackie Christie] wanted to start a fight with me. In my twenties it would’ve been something, but I’m not trying to fight you. Put your hands on me and see what happens.”

However episodes later on Christie did apologize to Laflin.

Laflin is huge on women empowerment and her only displeasure with the show is that the ladies on the show don’t have to always look like they hate each other and can’t get along. Laflin explained that she enjoys the show, and also told about some other projects that she’s involved in with PETA and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

I’m not saying everyone should go vegan, just have more of a human way you treat these animals before you kill them.”

Laflin also adds clarity to her critics who thinks she’s more of a animal lover than having compassion for human.

I’m a humanitarian as well as an animal activist. I feel I want to be a voice for those who need it regardless.”

On her recent ad, Laflin said she got the idea for it from ESPN The Body Magazine vision, and she just wanted to represent strength, passion and get the message out about PETA.

Also be on the lookout for her new show that will feature many powerful people in the sports world including her former boss and mentor Jerry Jones coming soon.

Beautiful, intelligent and fully driven, Bonnie Jill Laflin has a heart of gold, and powerful voice that continues to be heard as she strives to make a powerful impact in lives across the globe.

To keep up with the latest on Bonnie-Jill Laflin, follow her on twitter (@BJLaflin).

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