Bolts’ Lamp Has Deemed His Bulb

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)
photo credit: AP Photo

COSTA MESA, CA — The Los Angeles Chargers suffered a huge blow on Wednesday when rookie Forrest Lamp was carted off the field midway through practice.

It was later confirmed that rookie offensive lineman suffered a torn ACL to his right knee where he would miss the entire season. The second pick along with the team were devastated when the news was released. He was on his way to being the team’s starting guard this season.

Lamp was seen limping on his own to the team’s training facility at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa.

“We’re going to miss him,” Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said. “He was really getting better each day. It’s unfortunate, but like I’ve told him, things happen for a reason.  He’s going to get some time off, so make sure he makes the most of it. But he’ll still be in it. He’s going to be around, and be in it mentally.”

The Bolts will look for someone to step up in his place, and offensive line veteran leader Matt Slauson understands the importance of Lamp’s absence and how much of an opportunity it is for someone else to step in his place now.

It was really tough to see one of our guys go down,” Slauson said. “He’s worked extremely hard and put in a lot (of effort) all spring. So we’re going to grind for him.  He’s going to be with us, and we’re going to grind for him.”

As a four year starter at Western Kentucky, Lamp was a two-time first-team Conference USA pick and third-team All-American.

The Chargers are a tight knit group, a true football family, and many of his teammates expressed well wishes for Lamp’s recovery including Jason Verrett.

From a mental perspective, it’s going to be tough,” Verrett explained. “I want to tell him this is a chance to get his mind even stronger. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of ups and downs. There’s going to be adversity. I advise him to reach out to other linemen who have dealt with (ACL injuries) in the past to make sure he’s doing the best possible rehab. Make sure he gets all the possible opinions from doctors.”

Verrett himself is finishing up end of rehab on his own ACL injury.

The team will continue to prepare in Training Camp, and hope that they won’t suffer any more serious injuries. However Lamp will not be absence from the minds of any of his teammates this coming season. With Lamp out, rookie third-round selection Dan Feeneycould see some time at right guard for the Chargers.

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