Jared Goff Ready for the Bright Lights

(photo credit: USA Today)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

LOS ANGELES – After an impressive victory over the Minnesota Vikings in front of an electric Los Angeles Coliseum that 70,000 plus fans witnessed a Thursday night emergence of quarterback Jared Goff, who gave a performance that was Oscar worthy if he were an actor.

Goff gave the perfect Hollywood execution in an epic moment where he was surrounded by an amoeba of talent in the Los Angeles Rams. Is this the Goff we all have been waiting to debut since he was drafted in 2016?

Absolutely, and Goff will only improve under the administration of head coach Sean McVay.

McVay deserves a lot of credit for bring Goff along, a sizable portion of the credit should also go to his left tackle Andrew Whitworth. Whitworth’s veteran experience and leadership on that front line enables Goff to make incredible plays and keeps his running back Todd Gurley pushing for significant yardage every game. Goff leads the league most incredible offense and currently ranks third in yards passing. The Rams are 4-0 and are a strong candidate to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Yes they have talented pieces on the offense that include Gurley, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Gerald Everett, Brandin Cooks, Whitworth, but the conductor of this train is Goff. How Goff goes so will this team. He’s completed over 72% of his passes thus far this season, and has only turned the ball over twice, one against Chargers’ safety Derwin James and the other against Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson.

Against the Vikings, Goff had 465 yards passing, five touchdowns, and no turnovers.

Goff has come a long way, from the days of being stifled as rookie to a 4-12 Rams team their first year back in Los Angeles with former head coach Jeff Fisher. It was clear Fisher had no clue how to use Goff effectively, but thankfully the team hired McVay who’s done an outstanding job. Make no mistake about it, Goff has put in the work on the field, in the weight room, film room and in life.

A lot of people on this team, being part of that team two years ago, understand how easy it is to be on the other side of it and you don’t ever want to go back there,” Goff told the L.A. Times. You understand the work that needs to be put in to stay where you’re at, and I think we all understand that.”

Goff not only relies on his offense, but has one of the NFL’s most prolific defenses coached up by defensive guru Wade Philips.

Goff is young but a superb and quick learner, and after the crucial playoff home loss to the Atlanta Falcons, don’t expect him and the Rams to make the same mistakes twice this time around.

With 75% of the season remaining, the team and Goff knows it’s all or nothing for the Mob Squad moving forward.

EDITORS NOTE: After the win over the Seahawks on Sunday, Jared Goff currently has 1,727 passing yards, 12 touchdowns with four interceptions.

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