Lakers Experience the Mamba and the King

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)
(photo credit: SI)

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Lakers experienced a few first on Thursday night, as Lebron James recorded his first triple-double as a Laker with 28 points, 11 assist, and 11 rebounds in a 121-114 win over the Denver Nuggets. The purple and gold picked up their first home win of the regular season after starting 0-3. Former Laker Kobe Bryant attended his first game since his jersey retirement ceremony last season, witnessed the win.

“I didn’t get an opportunity to share words with him, but I absolutely noticed him sitting there on the baseline,” James said. “An all-time Laker great, with what he has done for this franchise in the 20-plus years he was here. It speaks wonders for me to compete against him all those years and for me to be able to share a jersey. For him to take the time to watch us play tonight was pretty cool.”

Lance Stephenson who was the spark of the Lakers defense finished with 12 points on the night.

Bryant stayed the entire game, and entered Staples Center earlier in the day for a special ceremony highlighting his latest book “The Mamba Mentality”. On that night, the King and his men exemplified that Mamba mentality to the letter.

Many stars were in attendance for the Lakers game from LA Rams’ Ndamukong Suh, Todd Gurley, Floyd Mayweather, Xzibit, and Magic Johnson.

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