Villain Park Cooks Up Their Own Recipe (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

WEST LOS ANGELES, CA – The hip hop trio of Smoke, Bunge, and DJ Coly Cole better known as Villain Park jumped on the scene with their debut EP “Same Ol’ S**t” back in 2015. The trio collectively continued to perfect their craft and on August 28, “The Recipe” was released. Smoke produced the entire album, along with writing verses with Bunge and adding scratches and input from DJ Coly Cole, this album needs to be in heavy rotation and should be blasting on Los Angeles radio stations.

Receiving outstanding reviews from fans and media at their recent album release party at an undisclosed location off of Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Between the lyrics, sonic production, hip-hop breaks, 90’s style interludes mixed with today’s flavor, this album is set up to be a classic.

This group is a refreshing breath of air in music, especially coming from the West Coast, that captures a classic sound. When listening to this album, if anyone that grew up listening to rap from the “Golden Age/ G-Funk era” ’90’s style to current, you can definitely a mixture of Kausion (Ice Cube’s former group), Pac-Div, Outkast, and A Tribe Called Quest. Yet these emcees have a distinctive sound like no other, and truly take pride in the craft that shows up in their music. Blended melodies that cross over a melodic sound, creative hooks, and clever subject matter that they’re disseminating to the masses, makes any fan of hip hop or music in general anticipate this project.

It’s Cali man, representing for our peoples, black and white, from West L.A, Pico, Roscoe’s, Lucy’s, Inglewood, Randy’s Donuts, we representing,” Smoke told OC Weekly. “We talking about the civil rights movement, the Watts Riots.

With tracks like “Thang On Me”, “We Out Here“, “5 Fingaz”, and “Cold Game”, the time Villain Park took to compose this prodigious album, old fans and new fans should respect the elevation.

For now, sit back, relax, be proud and enjoy listening to their penmanship on this record that is sharper than a ginsu. You hear their triumphs and victories all apart of the process to success on tracks like “Black Meadow“. The young emcees are taking their destiny in their own hands, with innovation and determination, they will continue to excel into the stratosphere.

visions – Villain Park

*The group recently did a collaboration with Champs Sports and Adidas.

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