Snoop Dogg Gets Charged Up at NFL Game in L.A.

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

CARSON, CA — It was a big day for football in Los Angeles, with the Houston Texans in town, the Los Angeles Chargers looked to rebound from their loss to the Detroit Lions last Sunday. Before the game kicked off, music artist and superstar Snoop Dogg took the field for some fun pre-game turn up activity.

Snoop greeted fans and several players from the Texans and Chargers on the field. For a moment it overshadowed the fact that Texans DE JJ Watt faced his brother Chargers FB Derek Watt for the first time.

Snoop talked with Andre Johnson, Chargers kicker Ty Long and shook hands with WR Keenan Allen, RB Austin Ekeler, and several other Chargers players and coaches.

Of course just before kickoff, Snoop Dogg fired off the ceremonial cannon, and throughout the game led fans in a meaningful, fun charge to hype up their Bolts.

After the game, Snoop shook my hand and told me happily, “I got the game ball baby,” as walked out of the Texans locker room.

Snoop has been a long time football fan, he definitely brings the hype and fun to football as much as he brings to the world of music and entertainment.

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