Watt Family Creates Unforgettable Football Moment (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

CARSON, CA – Chargers fullback Derek Watt and Texans defensive end JJ Watt played each other for the first time in an NFL game on Sunday. The game didn’t finish in favor of the younger Watt, as the Texans defeated the Chargers 27-20.

Once the game gets going, there were a couple times I thought about it,” Watt said. “One time when he chipped me right in the ribs, which really wasn’t that cool. Other than that, all of the sudden, you just snap into football mode.

Once I sit on the plane and I actually think about it, that’s a moment that I’ll never forget.”

The two former Wisconsin players met a few times on Sunday, including a pre-game moment where JJ played with Derek’s son on the field.

JJ finished with five tackles, two sacks and five quarterback hits against quarterback Philip Rivers.

Earlier in the week Derek revealed how the two brothers have nothing but love and respect for each other and how special it was for the two to finally play against each other for the first time in a game on the professional level.

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