New USC AD Mike Bohn Is Determined To Fight On Towards Greatness (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

LOS ANGELES – Another piece to the puzzle was added on Thursday morning as USC President Dr. Carol Folt announced and welcomed new athletic director Mike Bohn to the university.

Of course it was reported last week that USC would hire Bohn, however their was a snag during the negotiation process. However after background checks were completed, the university made the hire. Of course this would send fans and theorist that this hire is a bullseye for the potential hiring of a former Ohio State football coach. Not so much, however it can’t be completely ruled, but when Folt was asked about reports were true on if a conversation took place on who Bohn can and can’t hire, Folt said with determination “No.

Bohn who is an energetic, passionate athletic director has the focus of winning coach, the intelligence of a CEO, and the energy of a Steve Ballmer. His message was simple, with all 21 teams that he is responsible for, he will make sure that will not only be competative, but “Fight On to victory!”

Bohn expressed he wants to be apart of a team that wants to win, and he recognized that in Folt and the board of trustees. Folt also recognized that in Bohn along with a level of integrity. A point she stressed throughout the press conference during her speech.

The next focal point was the status of current football head coach Clay Helton, who is currently on the hot seat. Bohn shared his thoughts on the football program and if he sees a coaching change if the program doesn’t finish strong.

Just like any program this time of year, we expect you to finish strong. I mentioned Fight On and…the sense of being able to do that but it’s also Fight On to victory. It’s important to win, you heard the President talking about winning, and I’m not trying to add more pressure to him or the student athletes…but we always want to finish strong. Good programs finish strong. So the the idea is we want to we want to see him and his team finish strong and I’m going to do everything I can to support those young men and those coaches and everybody inside of the program to do exactly that…I have not had an opportunity to meet coach (Helton). I have talked to a lot of people about coach but I’m anxious to meet him.

What ever the future holds, with 21 different teams Bohn is responsible for, the bigger objective is to turn around the football program and make the right hire on the sidelines, not just talk about an Urban legend. In order to get the program to national recognition again, Meyer would be the most obvious and solid choice to turn the program towards that direction. The football program needs a manager not just a head coach, which is exactly what Meyer brings, especially since Bohn desires to fight on to victory.

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