Tha Dogg Pound Prepared the Ultimate Meal For Hip-Hop: Dogg Food 25

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA / @NitefallMedia)

SANTA ANA, CA — On a breezy Saturday evening, the stage was set, Orange County was the place, however 25 years ago — Delmar “Daz” Arnaud and Ricardo “Kurupt” Brown recorded a classic that not only impacted music but changed the trajectory of hip hop forever when they released “Dogg Food”.

Not only would Daz Dillinger and Kurupt perform on stage at the OC Block Party hosted by BobbyDee Presents, Kurupt also celebrated another year of life in front of fans.

In 1995, Death Row Records was the premiere label lead by record executive Suge Knight and sonic producer Dr. Dre that executed stars. It was a label that many artist wanted to be connected to in some way shape or form. After the releases of “The Chronic” and Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle”, a couple of soundtracks later, it was time for the Dogg Pound duo to showcase their skills. Kurupt’s impeccable mic skills and word play matched with the incredible creative production of Daz made this album a must have in the rotation.

Listening to Daz and Kurupt trade verses back and forth, with Dre’s album mixing ability and superb ear for sound, “Dogg Food” sounded like masterpiece and continued to grow that G-Funk sound. Kurupt will forever go down as one the best emcees to ever touch a mic and Daz’s production skills expanded to produce for such iconic artist as 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg, Outlawz, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and The Game to name a few.

No matter how much success the two may have achieved individually, the foundation will always circle back to their debut album.

Daz and Kurupt have released over a dozen albums together since Dogg Food, and like their music that continues to be welcomed by generations of fans, their bond away from music remains even stronger.

Long Beach and the Crenshaw District (L.A.) should be proud of these two legendary artist.

A new album from the dynamic Dogg Pound duo should be released very soon.

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