Lebron James Reflects on Impactful Decade (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)/ (@NitefallMedia)

EL SEGUNDO, CA – The Los Angeles Lakers wrapped up their final practice of 2019 after a great night of celebrating Lebron James’ 35th birthday party on Monday night.

James said he contemplate on having a party based upon the team’s schedule, however since it was close to New Year’s, he decided to have it the celebration where many of his teammates joined him.

With the conclusion of the decade upon us, James has not only had an impactful career thus far, but a extremely poignant decade. James began the decade winning his first championship as a member of the Miami Heat and is still competing for his fourth title with the Lakers. What James has accomplished on the court has been nothing short of remarkable, three-time champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, MVP, Finals MVP, and brought a championship to a city and franchise in the Cleveland Cavs that no one but him saw coming.

All of the astonishing accomplishments James’ has achieved on the hardwood, he has had more of a significant impact off the court. He was a catalyst for bring awareness to the modern day athlete regarding business, investments and making sure that players take care of themselves before their careers end. Developing and cultivating his great team of business minded individuals such as Rich Paul, Maverick Carter, and Randy Mims to execute the James brand to the highest level, where James has served as a great ambassador for bridging the gap to ensure athletes become more business minded and are seen as “more than an athlete.”

James always instilled greatness as a apart of his game and lifestyle. From impacting the youth and people in various communities from Akron to Miami to building his school for students to have the best chance at success, James has always had others in his heart before himself.

With the next generation of players in the league, they’ll have a trailblazing example of how to conduct your business on and off the court. James will not only go down as one of the greats on the courts, but one of the sharpest and innovative off the court as well. The bond with the NBA is unbreakable just as his bond with his teammates over the years is.

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