Clippers Learn From Losses To Achieve Wins (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

PLAYA VISTA, CA – For the third time this season, the Los Angeles Clippers have been completely healthy with a full roster to hit the court. Both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have played approximately 20 games together and the chemistry is elevating, the losses are received as lessons to get better by this Clippers team.

We’ve taken some losses from some teams that we shouldn’t have,” Paul George said at Wednesday’s shoot around. “It’s solely on us, about our preparation on being ready and taking our opponents seriously. We have to sustain a focus.

Losing games against sub .500 teams like the Memphis Grizzlies, and Sacramento Kings, don’t help boost the moral of this talented and deep team. The Clippers (35-15) are actually better than their record indicates, especially when they have a fully healthy squad. This team has a bunch of quick and sharp learners and players that know how to dig deep and find ways to win games.

The whole goal is to remain healthy and enter the post season strong. Regardless of a nose injury, knees or ankles, this team has a special determination to get this franchise to somewhere it has never seen before…. the Western Conference Finals and beyond.

The Clippers have a tough test on Wednesday night, as they host the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler at Staples Center.

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