Mookie Betts Is Perfect For L.A. (VIDEO)

by Chris Camello (@Chris_Camello)

LOS ANGELES – It’s been a tough four months for the Los Angeles Dodgers. They were stunned in five games by the Washington Nationals in the NLDS. They then struck out in landing ace pitcher Gerrit Cole and MVP finalist Anthony Rendon in free agency.

They found out their 2017 World Series opponent, the Houston Astros, illegally stole signs with the use of technology, essentially robbing them of their first championship since 1988.

However, fortunes changed this week when Andrew Friedman, president of baseball operations for the Dodgers, made a three-team blockbuster trade to land 2018 AL MVP Mookie Betts and veteran lefty David Price from the Boston Red Sox.

This was a huge move for the Dodgers and Friedman, often viewed as intelligent yet frugal, to finally make that big splash which hopefully propels the Dodgers back into the World Series.

Not only do they receive a four-time All-Star, an MVP, Gold Glover, and World Series champion, they get a dynamic player whose personality and smile are just as great as his talent.

While Rendon felt he didn’t fit with the “Hollywood lifestyle” associated with the Dodgers, Betts’ persona is made for L.A.

Fans will get behind his eye-popping speed, “Web Gem” catches, and long distance home runs, but his magnetic smile will make the Dodger faithful quickly accept Betts and create a feeling that says, “Everything is going to be fine.”

Very few athletes spark that type of warm sentiment with their smile and playful demeanor.

Being so close to Hollywood allows Betts to build up his brand and marketability by starring in commercials and doing more endorsement deals. This would not only help Betts, but the entire MLB, as they have done a poor job marketing star players in recent years. Fellow L.A. star LeBron James is only a phone call away to help get him started.

Betts was known to provide warm meals to the homeless community of Boston. With the homeless population being so high in Los Angeles, there are opportunities for Betts to create programs that assist people with food, shelter, clothing, or even mental health treatment.  

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