Lebron James Blast MLB And Light Punishment For Astros Cheating (VIDEO)

by Staff Contributor (@NitefallMedia)

LOS ANGELES – The recent Houston Astros cheating scandal that has plagued Major League Baseball, and snatched the sports headlines for the past couple weeks. Many baseball players have chimed in, and now NBA superstar and Lakers forward Lebron James has broken his silence.

In a tweet released by James on Tuesday afternoon, “Listen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in sports and I know if someone cheated me out winning the title and I found out about it, I would be f***ing irate!”

James appeared to be just as discussed with the soft punishment that was handed out to players involved in the cheating scandal by Commissioner Rob Manfred. Several other players have engaged in a war of words with the Astros players that include Dodgers Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner, Angels’ Mike Trout, Yankees’ Aaron Judge to name a few.

The fact that one of the biggest NBA superstars has chimed in, says a lot about how much this story has affected not only affected fans but athletes regardless of their respective sport.

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