Dr. Dre And Jimmy Iovine Inspire For Success (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

(Courtesy of British GQ)

Legendary producer and sonic visionary Dr. Dre and business mogul Jimmy Iovine engage in a riveting interview on inspiring others through successful means with British GQ.

“I just want to inspire,” Dre said in the sit down interview. “I just want to be an inspiration, I want to leave a mark and a legacy here that just inspiring for years to come.”

Iovine and Dre discuss the nature and success of their friendship and business relationship and how strong it’s been over the years.

Iovine also stressed how more businesses should follow in the foot steps of him and Dre which actually makes total sense when you ponder about it.

“I don’t understand how come a white guy and a black guy don’t start more businesses together,” Iovine said. “Why are we the only ones who built a big business together.”

Both Iovine and Dre stressed the fact of plans of opening a high school that will benefit youth from communities that have a disadvantage. Exposing students from communities with other options for them to be successful not only in high school but for the world and in college. The idea came after the two opened their Iovine-Young Academy located on the campus of USC in Los Angeles.

Great advice given by Iovine and Dre on the balance of family, business, politics, and mental stability throughout their lives and careers.

The two legends will go down in history changing the course of music, one from the production and sound, and the other from business standpoint.

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