Change Has No OffSeason For L.A. Sparks (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

On Wednesday morning the Los Angeles Sparks released a powerful two minute video “Change Has No OffSeason” narrated by Candace Parker, regarding their stance on inequality, racism, social injustice.

The team has always remained on one accord when it comes to taking a stand against injustice of any kind, from the players, to coaches to upper management of the organization.

We’ve taken a stand for years…by speaking out,” Parker mentioned in the video.

Our country was founded on principals of freedom for all, but it did not include people of color,” Chiney Ogwumike stated in a clip in the video.

Part of our core mission is to serve our community and provide not just resources but also a voice to underrepresented groups,” President and COO Danita Johnson explained. “The Sparks organization is proud to launch a social justice pillar in order to continue the critical work we do to help victims of systemic oppression.”

The Sparks and other WNBA teams will play their 22-game season at IMG Academy in Florida, followed by a traditional playoff format in July.

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