Chargers DE Bosa Gets Paid The Big Bucks (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

(Courtesy of Los Angeles Chargers)

COSTA MESA, CA — On Tuesday many wondered if top ranked defensive end Joey Bosa would arrive into Training Camp on time at the Irvine Marriott. Players had until 5PM to report and receive their COVID19 test. With a contract looming, GM Tom Telesco and Bosa’s agent knew a deal had to get done and this was the prime opportunity for it to happen.

I got the call saying it was done,” Bosa said regarding his extension. “It was hard to contain my emotions coming in there and getting the swab [COVID testing]. It helped that I had a mask on probably because I was smirking underneath my mask walking in there.”

Bosa signed a five-year $135 million deal with $102 million guaranteed, making him the highest paid NFL player at his position.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, Bosa thanked the Spanos family and Telesco for offering him the huge contract. He also said he called his parents once the deal was official, and the entire family was joyful.

Bosa played in 51 games, obtained 40 sacks and 53 tackles for a loss. Noted to be one of the best in the sport, dealing with the effects of COVID19 slightly altered his workout regiment. Yet he maintained his focus while also working out with his brother Nick Bosa in Florida this off season.

Bosa is excited to play this season in his new home in Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium but one key piece could be missing… fans.

I am super excited to play there,” Bosa said. “Obviously it would be great to have fans screaming in a beautiful new stadium. There is always next year we can get them in.

With a big piece of the defensive puzzle signed for the next several years, Gus Bradley can rest slightly easier knowing his main defensive presence will be fighting alongside him every Sunday. Many quarterbacks including Super Bowl champion and Kansas City Chiefs Pat Mahomes may be up just a little bit later at night now that Bosa remains in the AFC West.

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