What Can Malcolm Brown Do For The Rams Offense (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

THOUSAND OAKS, CA — Rams not only have new design but new offense that could be designed to get the team back into a deep playoff run. The running game has changed since the departure of Todd Gurley, and now that responsibility will fall on the shoulders of six year veteran Malcolm Brown.

Brown had a different approach to this off season thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, yet he was able to focus mentally and physically.

“Just doing a lot more things to take care of my body – running mechanics, getting hips, knees, ankles right and everything like that,” Brown told reporters on a video call on Monday. “Just the small details of obviously going into year six. You not a young guy coming in and can just hop off the couch and get to it and things like that. Just doing different things to take care of my body. Getting ready for a possible bigger load or anything like that.

He knows what the level of expectation from head coach Sean McVay, but how will he handle the load and is ready to also be the leader of this running back group?

I know myself and my mind, what I have for myself in that running back room being the oldest guy, is to do my best to bring these young guys along. I know I’ve been in this offense longer than anybody and then with the great addition that we have with (RB) Coach Thomas Brown, just to be an extra set of eyes, be an extra example for these young guys to play off of because, like I said, obviously I’ve been in it longer than anybody in the room.”

Brown has some significant and versatile help in the back field with Darrell Henderson and rookie Cam Akers this season. All three have unique skill sets, that can aid in the success of quarterback Jared Goff getting the ball to his target better, whether on the ground or in the air.

When you analyze all three running backs, this is a recipe baring injury for a prosperous season. Brown is confident that all three can do anything needed on the team.

“I just know RB Darrell [Henderson] has a lot of speed. RB Cam [Akers] is a guy with a lot of speed and can get on the edges and do their thing. I’m a downhill guy, but like I said, Coach McVay, he’ll have me doing the same thing Darrell is doing and Darrell’s doing the same thing as I’m doing.

The chemistry that is being cultivated by all three backs could be sensational and a refreshing breath to a revamped offense that was stagnant last season. Rams offense could return to a high powered flow that we all can appreciate and enjoy.

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