New Level For Rams QB Jared Goff This Season? (VIDEO)

by Seth Collins (@NitefallMedia) – Contributor

(Courtesy of Nitefall Media)

THOUSAND OAKS, CA — Coming off a disappointing season in 2019, the Los Angeles Rams made a few changes they believe will ramp up their offense this coming season. With exquisite drafting, and making the necessary trades, the Rams are primed to have a successful season in 2020. However it will rely heavily upon the shoulders and throwing arm of quarterback Jared Goff. With limited interaction this off season due to the COVID19 pandemic, Goff worked on some key elements with his footwork and the ability to pass in and out of the pocket more accurately.

On a recent episode of “TMA with Nick Hamilton” radio show, host Nick Hamilton and co-host Jay Ticker (The Ticker Report) spoke with beat writer and reporter Eric Williams of Sports Illustrated on the new expectations of Goff.

(Courtesy of Nitefall Media / The NH Experience)

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