Rookie Cam Akers Looks To Have Bright Impact For Rams (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

(Courtesy of LA Rams)

THOUSAND OAKS, CA — Rookie running back Cam Akers has his plate full this coming season as he prepares to learn a new system, he’s ready for the challenges that await him. The second round draft pick met with the Los Angeles media for the first time on Tuesday via zoom video meeting, and shared his expectations for year one.

Akers had a lot of time to workout on his own and really maintained his discipline to watch film and stay focused on his own because of COVID19 protocols.

I will say just staying active,” Akers explained. “Back at home I was doing a lot of working out at the D1 Training Facility. Just making sure that I stay on top of my game, as far as conditioning, running back drills, running back blocking things.

He will be in great running back company with six year veteran Malcolm Brown, and Derrell Henderson, yet Akers is optimistic that he’ll learn the offense well and learn from Brown.

Just showing me how to slow it down a little bit and take my time. Also helping me understand that the game is faster and that it is sped up. So, you have to be able to think on the fly and move on the fly.

In order to be great, Akers has asserted himself in studying running backs that have come before him and considers full-package backs.

“I would say Zeke [Elliott], Dalvin [Cook], and Alvin Kamara. All of those guys, I just feel like they all have the full package,” Akers said. “Of course, also Todd Gurley, who we all just mentioned. I just like to watch full package guys. Guys who can do it all and guys who aren’t one dimensional. Guys who can block, catch and run.

He may not be the starting running back this season for the Rams, however he has all the tools necessary at some point for him to excel at that position and make a strong impact one day.

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