Chargers Potent Receiver Core Ready For 2020 Season (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

COSTA MESA, CA — Chargers arguably have one of the best dynamic wide receiver duos in the league in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. Both players are coming off impressive 1,000 yard plus seasons despite the teams 5-11 record in 2019.

However neither player gets the true recognition they’ve earned, especially Allen.

The NFL’s Top 100 ranking was released a few weeks ago and Allen was rated at 77 on the list. He expressed his frustration with the list and when he asked why he wasn’t ranked higher, he gave a very true response.

Probably because I don’t run a go route or catch a one-handed pass. I don’t know,” Allen said.

Allen has been key to the Chargers offense, and has improved every single season. In the past three seasons he caught 383 passes for 18 touchdowns. Oh and he racked up approximately 3,800 yards, a receiver of his caliber should not be ranked 77.

Allen will continue his impeccable work ethic especially with a new system and quarterback. If you think Cam Newton’s workout videos were impressive, then Allen has definitely matched the intensity in the offseason. With COVID19 altering workout regimen, he found a way to be creative and stay on track.

I was still able to work out. We had a gym we could go to with a private guy. I got a little stronger. I got a little bigger. This offseason, I was in the weight room a little bit more, so I feel like this is probably the best I have ever entered camp.”

Since 2013 Allen has caught passes from quarterback Philip Rivers, and will now develop a rhythm with starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

I feel like we have been doing a good job, though. It’s only our third practice so we haven’t hit all the plays and we haven’t scripted any plays, so I don’t get all the passes me and Phil would do during the games. Once we get to that point, I am sure our connection will be solid.

Williams like Allen has improved since his rookie year and has been able to grab 50/50 balls like the late Kobe Bryant could not knock down a clutch jumper.

However if you’ve talked to teammates like Taylor, he believes those balls thrown are more like 80/20 in favor of the young athletic receiver. 

Williams former Clemson teammate and current Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins called him a top-10 receiver. Huge expectations to fill, but if anyone can get the job down it is Williams out jumping opponents.

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