Rams QB Jared Goff Donates Backpack To Inglewood Students (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

INGLEWOOD, CA — Rams quarterback Jared Goff not invest time into himself preparing on the field, but Tuesday invested his time with his JG16 Foundation to Inglewood students with backpacks and books for them to read and learn.

A cooperative effort between Goff and the Vice President of Community Affairs and Engagement Molly Higgins, made sure students have what is needed for this virtual school year.

Yeah, it’s been quite a process. We’ve been working on it for quite some time. I’ve always wanted to kind of transition that ‘JG16’ thing into a foundation charity and what have it,” Goff explained. “Ultimately, kids is where I’m very passionate and helping youth and specifically helping underprivileged youth. It all kind of came together this offseason.

Since their return to Los Angeles in 2016, the Rams have made a priority to uplift, educate, and transmogrify communities around Southern California. This organization is determined to be more than just a team on the field, but the change that helps shape its next young leaders off the field.

With the superb leadership of Higgins and players, coaches and staff are determined to take this city to new heights. Much like his teammates, Goff has been involved with various community events from donating time and resources with the LA Food Bank, to helping launch California Strong events (helping residents during the wild fires that spread across Southern California in 2018), to now giving away books and bags to students. A quarterback who has a vision of winning and a heart for his city.
Goff recognizes he couldn’t do this great work alone.

Molly has been awesome. I think she’s been able to really show herself in these last nine months with everything that’s happened and with COVID specifically, and then in the offseason with the shootings across the country,” Goff said. “I think her role has become even bigger as we’ve gone on. I remember back in February, or whenever that was when COVID started, I guess in March, me and Andrew [Whitworth] had those donations and she was pivotal in that as well being able to direct us in the right donation and then direct us in the right charity, I guess. No different with what’s been going on right now.”

Thousands of kids and their families benefited from their generosity, with a new stadium, new uniforms and a new offense, many family will cheer on Goff and the Rams for bigger reasons that just football.

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