Chargers QB Justin Herbert Goes The Distance With Tom Brady (VIDEO)

by Nick Hamilton (@NickHamiltonLA)

(Courtesy of Los Angeles Chargers)

TAMPA, FL — Each week Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert continues to elevate his game and remains poised and tough through each battle. With a 21 year age difference between Herbert and six time Super Champion Tom Brady, despite the 38-31 loss on Sunday, many saw Herbert take another step towards his growth under center.

Herbert completed twenty of his 25 passes on the day with three touchdowns for 290 yards including an interception. He’s a special talent who’s fearlessness is respected by not only his teammates but by other players and personnel in the league.

He was very impressive today and he played great,” Brady said. “Our defense played great all year and he hung in there and made a lot of good throws. He’s got, obviously, all the ability, he’s got a great arm and moves really well.”

The teacher in Brady led his team to a comeback victory as a shootout sparked in the second half between the two quarterbacks. However no matter the score, Herbert remained cooler than a polar bear’s toenails in a snow storm, yet didn’t have enough to finish the job.

After the game, the two quarterback exchanged words, as Herbert told the media postgame.

Keep your head up and keep playing, and that’s about it,” he explained the advice from Brady.

Though it was the Chargers third straight loss, Herbert continues to learn and get sharper every week as he goes through his rookie growing pains. He’s a unique quarterback that learns from the experience of adversity. The same attitude he had as the starting quarterback in Oregon.

He remained optimistic, “it was an awesome experience despite the loss. We’ll learn from this (loss).”

Herbert was asked did he do enough to remain the starter this season, especially when you look at the growth and the numbers, he can make a compelling case.

I know I’ve done the best these last few weeks, and I’ve still got so much farther to go. So much more to learn and I’m just excited to be here. My goal is just to be the best quarterback, best teammate and whatever my role is I’m going to do that.

More than likely he’ll have another week to prove himself against another legendary quarterback in Drew Brees next Monday night as the Chargers take on the Saints in New Orleans.

*Chargers will be without their number one running back Austin Ekeler as he suffered a knee and hamstring injury.

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