Actor Michael B. Jordan Named 2020 Sexiest Man Alive (VIDEO)

by Giselle Morales (@gmorales1110)

(Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight)

LOS ANGELES — With several critically acclaimed performances under his belt and a career spanning a little over two decades, Michael B. Jordan can now add “Sexiest Man Alive” to his list of achievements.

The “Black Panther” actor now joins a long list of male celebrities who have been named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” including John Legend, Blake Shelton, Idris Elba, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum.

Jordan, who’s starred in movies like “Fruitvale Station”, “Creed” and “Creed II“, told the magazine that it was a cool feeling to be named “Sexiest Man Alive”.

You know everybody always made that joke, like, ‘Mike, this is the one thing you’re probably not going to get’. But it’s good club to be a part of,” Jordan said in the People magazine article.

In the article, he also gave credit to his family who he says have helped him stay grounded throughout his career.

Jordan said, “My mom and dad sacrificed so much to provide for my sister, brother and me. I’m Just grateful. Honestly it’s like they all have had such an impact on me and who I am and how I approach each day.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Nov. 17, Jordan joked that while his new title was a cool one to have, it also provides those close to him with the opportunity to poke fun at him.

(Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Show)

That’s the thing, when you get ‘Sexiest Man [Alive]’ it’s like, that’s cool to everybody else but anybody that really knows you, that’s just like another way that they can give jabs to you,” Jordan told Kimmel.

In addition to talking about his “Sexiest Man Alive” title, Jordan also spoke about his upcoming movie titled “Without Remorse” where he will play a U.S Navy Seal named John Clark.

Jordan said the film will be released on Prime Video.

John Legend, who was the 2019 titleholder, also congratulated Michael B. Jordan on Twitter and joked with People magazine that he was ready to pass on the title.

I’ve appreciated the whole experience and I’ve been trying to have a lot of fun with it, but I’m so ready to relinquish this title,” Legend said.

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